The Shotblockers

Album: Remember The Name (2010)

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Song: On The Wild Side (Danny Diablo & Hoya Roc)

Bitrate: 320kbps

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Shotblockers is the all star DMS band! That's right kids, all the best MC's from Los Angeles to New York are here: Danny Diablo, G Fella, CeeKay Jones, Hoya Roc, Grizz Rock, Panic, Skam Dust & Puerto Rican Myke and lots more. Production duties are handled by DJ Stress, DJ Spae & Damian Burnz. Their first full length album ever will be released by Countdown Records and Real Recognizes Real Records.

"The ShotBlockers are an elite underground hardcore hip-hop supergroup hand picked by Danny Diablo of the Dirty Money Syndicate. This C.D. is the first musical release by The ShotBlockers so get ready to hear some true rapid fire from these gully MC's. This record is for true underground hip-hop fans so if you like that candy coated garbage you are shit outta luck!!! So sit back, pop the c.d. i